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Adult Development and Aging


State Extension Specialist

Erin YellandErin Yelland, Ph.D., CFLE
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Adult Development and Aging
Kansas State University - School of Family Studies and Human Services
343 Justin Hall
1324 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, Kansas 66506-1411
Office: 785-532-1905

Kansas State Research and Extension Agents in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

Kansas State Research and Extension Program Focus Team in Adult Development and Aging

Co-Leaders: Dr. Erin Yelland and Amy Collins
Members: Jo Argabright (Rawlins County), Amy Collins (Stafford County), Carol Ann Crouch (Scott County), Teresa Hatfield (Sedgwick County), Nancy Honig (Stevens County), Jana McKinney (McPherson County), Christine McPheter (Mede County), Anna Muir (Phillips-Rooks District), Pam Muntz (Kiowa County), Nancy Nelson (Meadowlark District), Chris Onstad (Northwest Area), Paula Peters (Extension Administration), Barbara Roths (Butler County), Ethel Schneweis (Ford County), Jennifer Schroeder (Reno County), Barbara Stockebrand (Woodson County), Deanna Turner (River Valley District), Chuckie Hessong (Wildcat District)