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Adult Development and Aging

Age Sense


  • Fact Sheet: This document may be given to participants or used separately to create awareness.
  • Leader's Guide: The leader's guide provides recommended guidelines on how to present this program.
  • My Plan for Making A Difference Form: This form is used in the educational program and asks participants to commit to one action that will positively influence their personal aging process.
  • Participant Evaluations: These evaluations can be used to gather information from program participants. There is a post-assessment form and optional follow-up telephone interview form.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: This PowerPoint presentation can be used as a visual aid when providing the educational program.
  • References: This document lists the references used in the Fact Sheet.
  • Speaker's Script: This speaker's script corresponds to the PowerPoint presentation and is available in two versions: a Speaker's Script with references included and a Speaker's Script without references (references not included in the "Notes" section).
  • What's Your Aging IQ? booklet: This booklet is used within the presentation and may be ordered or downloaded for free from the National Institute on Aging website.
For more information, contact Dr. Erin Yelland erinyelland@ksu.edu or 785-532-1905