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Adult Development and Aging

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can be applied in many areas to make life easier. Fashion an Easier Lifestyle with Assistive Technology gives participants the opportunity to see how assistive technology can improve quality of life. A tool kit gives a broad overview of the variety of assistive devices available. The kit contains simple devices that can be implemented in four lifestyle areas: personal care, preparing meals, household chores, and recreational activity. Information on how and where to buy assistive technology is also provided.


  • Fact Sheet: This fact sheet can be handed out to program participants.
  • Leader Evaluation: This evaluation gathers feedback from leaders.
  • Leader's Guide:The leader's guide provides recommended guidelines on how to present this program.
  • Participant Evaluation:This evaluation can be used to gather information from program participants.
  • PowerPoint Presentation:This PowerPoint can be used to familiarize yourself with different assistive technology devices. It can also be used as a substitute for the demonstration toolkit.
  • PowerPoint in PDF: Exactly the same as the PowerPoint presentation, but in a PDF format.
For more information, contact Dr. Erin Yelland erinyelland@ksu.edu or 785-532-1905